Drop in dental cafe opens in the north west

First ever ‘drop in’ dental cafe opens its doors in south Liverpool after heavy investment.

The Dental Cafe has been designed to help increase accessibility to the dentist by getting rid of the waiting list.

‘The Dental Cafe has been established to offer the people of Liverpool something truly unique when it comes to smile management,’ Dr Clare Robinson, clinical lead and director, said.

‘The idea of The Dental Cafe came to light after noticing a growing trend for walk-in dental hygiene and cosmetic boutiques in London.

‘Ultimately, we want our patients to feel as though their dentist appointment is more like a visit to the hairdressers or a coffee shop, which inspired the name and our “menu” of treatments.’

The Dental Cafe

The Dental Cafe plays on the idea of being a cafe with short, tall, grande and venti treatment options available.

A select range of treatments are offered at the cafe, including boutique whitening, all clearly priced at the start.

‘While the younger generation do tend to be more savvy and relaxed when it comes looking after their teeth, a trip to the dentist can often be a daunting experience to many people,’ Dr Robinson added.

‘To help pass on this positive cultural shift throughout the generations, we have created an inviting non-intimidating space that goes against the typical clinical aura.

‘We hope that our genuine and much more flexible approach to dentistry will be well-received by the north west and will encourage more dentists across the nation to follow form.’

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