The delicate art of etching

Optident explains why Ultra-Etch works so well.

‘I am a self-proclaimed “bondodontist.” I use Ultra-Etch almost every time I sit down to work. It is perfect – especially the viscosity. It goes where you want it to go and stays there until I rinse it off. Other reps are always bringing me something to try, and it either doesn’t flow, flows too much, or doesn’t come in a syringe,’ says Dr David D May, regarding Ultradent’s Ultra-Etch.

There are many important factors that go into the etching process. Because etching is a delicate procedure, one must take care to not etch so much that the acid penetrates too deeply, causing sensitivity and tooth damage. And yet the depth of etch must be sufficient enough to create an optimal surface for the tooth to receive resin and facilitate optimal bond strengths.

Additionally, an etchant’s viscosity proves vital, as it must strike the delicate and extremely important balance of staying where the clinician places it – without running onto (and subsequently etching) unintended areas of the tooth. However, it must also possess enough flowability to penetrate and etch the deep pits and fissures of the tooth. Thus, the ability for precise placement combined with sufficient flowability is key to ensure superior control.

Complete control

Over etching is prevented by Ultra-Etch’s self-limiting properties, which ensure prime conditions for resin impregnation and bonding. The unique chemistry ensures that dentine is decalcified to a depth of approximately 1.2 microns, creating the ideal depth for an optimal bond. Like many etchants, Ultra Etch was originally formulated as a liquid solution, but soon evolved to a flowable gel formulation, providing increased control. Maintaining its viscosity, Ultra Etch’s 35% phosphoric acid gel solution easily penetrates deep pits and fissures; whilst remaining in position, achieving a thorough etch.

For your convenience, Ultra-Etch features a syringe delivery method, with a blue micro tip measuring just 0.05mm in diameter. Providing control and precision in the smallest of areas, the needle like tip allows clinicians to place etchant with complete control, in a thin line or a tiny area. When working with flat surfaces, the inspiral brush tip can be used for easier application, lowering the viscosity and allowing deep penetration of every tooth surface.

The industry specialist for over 20 years, Ultra-Etch allows for the controlled, flowable application and self-limiting etching process clinicians need to achieve quality bonding without leaving any residue behind. Perhaps this explains why Dr Gerald Bloom and hundreds of other clinicians have said that when it comes to Ultra-Etch, they ‘can’t live without it.’

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