Five little known ways to treat childhood decay

Ultradent explores five ways in which Ultraseal XT Hydro (a composite sealant), and Enamelast (a fluoride varnish), provide a superior solution, improving the oral health of young patients.

Whilst childhood decay is routinely treated with fluoride varnishes and fissure sealants, the desired outcome is not always achieved. An inability to sit still for long periods of time, combined with compliance issues; can mean that results are not experienced to their fullest potential.

Recognising these challenges, Ultradent has developed two innovative products; both of which are designed to be appealing to children, ensuring that optimum results are achieved.

1. Use a hydrophilic sealant

As the name suggests, Ultraseal XT Hydro contains hydrophilic chemistry, which not only works to actively chase moisture, but also works more effectively in moist conditions. This is extremely advantageous in paediatric dentistry, eliminating the need to pre-treat teeth with drying agents; saving valuable time for both the patient and practitioner.

The simplification of this procedure does not come at the expense of quality as Ultraseal XT Hydro works to efficiently chase moisture deep into the pits and fissures, on a microscopic level.

2. Use a sealant that is highly adhesive and fluorescent

Ultraseal XT Hydro contains unique adhesive technology, securely bonding the wear resistant sealant to the enamel. For your ease, Ultraseal XT Hydro, is also fluorescent, making it easier to check margins, retention and integrity; both during placement, and at subsequent visits.

The highly-filled resin (53%), comes in two shades (opaque white and natural), and can be easily applied for a long-lasting result.

3. Use a fluoride varnish with enhanced retention and fluoride release

For the perfect adjunctive treatment; Enamelast fluoride varnish can be delivered after Ultraseal XT Hydro. Featuring a patented adhesion-promoting agent, the varnish provides enhanced retention; making it easier for young patients to experience the benefits of the varnish to maximum potential. The unique non-separating formula doesn’t require any mixing, saving valuable time for both practitioner and patient.

Delivering highly significant results in terms of fluoride release, Enamelast is ideal for paediatric treatment; strengthening tooth enamel, making teeth more resistant to decay.

4. Ensure the varnish you use has a smooth texture

A common challenge associated with applying fluoride varnish is patients complaining of the feeling of ‘gritty teeth’. Enamelast boasts a smooth, non-gritty texture; leaving teeth with a smooth, natural feeling (resulting in longer compliance and maximum fluoride ion delivery).

5. Choose a colourless fluoride varnish with a pleasant taste

Superior fluoride release and uptake is further encouraged by the array of pleasant flavours on offer. Enamelast offers a variety of tasty flavours, ensuring young patients are less likely to wipe off the varnish following application. The colourless formulation also offers a nearly invisible appearance; in pleasant contrast to most of the yellow coloured fluoride varnishes on the market today.

Improving oral health

Combined, Ultraseal XT Hydro and Enamelast, offer a premium solution for improving the oral health of children. Their innovative features are tailored to be of specific use in paediatric dentistry, ensuring maximum compliance, and a successful result, for both patient and practitioner.

For more information on Ultraseal XT Hydro and Enamelast call 01943 60 50 50, email: [email protected] or visit:

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