Dentistry Top 50 results: voted by you

Top 50Introducing this year’s Dentistry Top 50 influencers of UK dentistry, as voted for by the dental profession.

1. Tony Kilcoyne – BDA councillor and national press campaigner
2. Sara Hurley – chief dental officer (NHS England)
3. Theresa May – Brexit Prime Minister
4. Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen – chair of the GDPC at the BDA
5. Milad Shadrooh – β€˜the singing dentist’
6. Liz Kay – associate dean at the Peninsula Dental School
7. Stuart Ellis – implant dentist, director of the Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology and an implant dentistry lecturer
8. Andrew Chandrapal – immediate past-president of the BACD
9. Christian Coachman – prolific speaker and inventor of digital smile design
10. Sir Paul Beresford KCMG – private practitioner and MP for Mole Valley
11. Tif Qureshi – pioneer of the Inman Aligner system
12. Ian Brack – chief executive and registrar at the GDC
13. Christopher Orr – chairman of the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards judging panel
14. John Milne MBE – CQC dental adviser, ex-chair of the General Dental Practice Committee
15. Andrea Ubhi – award-winning cosmetic dentist
16. Nilesh R Parmar – implant dentist and facing car driver and organiser of the Ice White party
17. Raj Rattan MBE – dental director at Dental Protection
18. Kevin Lewis – former dental director at Dental Protection and Dentistry consultant editor
19. Peter Ward – chief executive of the BDA
20. Reena Wadia – specialist periodontist and runs a specialist periodontal referral clinic
21. David Houston – chair of the judging panel for the Private Dentistry Awards
22. Simon Chard – chairman of BACD young dentist committee
23. Zaki Kanaan – former president of the BACD
24. Judith Husband – non-executive director at the BDA
25. Mervyn Druian – renowned private dentist
26. Richard Millhouse – implant dentist/general practitioner, clinical implant mentor, expert witness, past examiner/supervisor Warwick MSc
27. Nairn Wilson CBE – professor of dentistry at King’s College London, former BDA president
28. Bertie Napier – renowned private dentist and former president of the BACD
29. Arshad Ali – clinical director of the Scottish Centre of Excellence for Dentistry and keen golfer
30. Chris Barrow – practice management guru and castaway on Channel 4’s The Island
31. Eddie Crouch – successfully sued the government over his NHS contract, member of the BDA PEC
32. Jason Smithson – international lecturer and postgraduate clinical lecturer
33. Andrew Dawood – lecturer and expert in zygomatic implants
34. Margaret Ross OBE – senior lecturer for DCPs and programme director BSc (Hons)
35. Edward Lynch – professor and principal director of biomedical and clinical research, State University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
36. Amit Patel – specialist periodontist and generous skydiver
37. Rob Oretti – Royal College of Surgeons examiner for the implant diploma and BAAD president
38. Dev Patel – CEO at Brushlink, Dental Circle and clinical director of Dental Beauty Swanley
39. Fiona Ellwood – lecturer and examiner and patron of the Society of British Dental Nurses
40. Rahul Doshi – leading aesthetic dentist, makeover TV show expert, lecturer and writer
41. Paul Tipton – ex-cricketer for Lancashire and professor and lecturer in restorative dentistry
42. Linda Greenwall BEM – whitening guru, leading aesthetic dentist, Dental Wellness Trust founder
43. Elaine Halley – digital smile designer expert
44. Paul Brunton – dean of a faculty of dentistry in New Zealand
45. Martin Kelleher – private practitioner
46. Basil Mizrahi – writer and lectuere and Harley Street prosthodontist
47. Melonie Prebble – dental therapist, speaker, writer and horse whisperer
48. Attiq Rahman – international lecturer on implant and aesthetic dentistry
49. Jeremy Hunt – secretary of state for health
50. Bill Moyes – GDC chair

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