Are you considering placing dental implants?

Colin Campbell explains why confidence is key when looking for the right type of dental implant education.

For many practice owners in the UK, the opportunity to learn the skills or to continue to develop the skills in placing dental implants pass them by. This happens because they work so hard to build a practice, develop a team to support them and look after everyone else. It’s not unusual for a practice owner to reach a stage in their career where they have mastered all the necessary clinical skills within their own practice; and also the ability to run a sound and secure business and then wonder, what’s next?

It was said in the 1990s that implant dentistry regenerated the careers and the generation of European practice owners, but it seems in many ways that the UK has latched onto that area. There is no question that implant dentistry has been slow growing in the UK compared to other parts of Europe, but growth potential still exists. Particularly for trusted, ethical practice owners to look after patients within their own environment.

The Campbell Academy

At The Campbell Academy we provide dental implant courses that help develop a pathway to assist practice owners to placing 50 dental implants a year or more for their own patients in their own practice. At this type of level it is an excellent service to offer patients and one that also develops a team.

The most important aspect of this is confidence and confidence comes from support and the correct type of education. To have the confidence to move forwards, to be able to take on such treatments in practice is the key ingredient in building a service for patients, which allows them to have their treatment close to home with a team that they are familiar with and a quality they can trust.

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