Goccles: 60 seconds to save a life

Detecting oral cancer at an early stage is critical to saving lives.

Only 4% of oral cancers are diagnosed in stage I and only 28% of cases are detected in stage II.

Up to 36% of the cases are diagnosed in the stage III and an additional 32% are diagnosed in stage IV.

Prognosis is closely related to the stage when therapy is started.

For patients with severe disease in an advanced stage, life expectancy is very limited: five years after treatment, only 27% of patients at stage III and only 5% of those at stage IV are still alive.

In this informative video Hitesh Panchal at Dental at Mediacityuk demonstrates how he carries out oral cancer check ups with the help of the Goccles oral cancer screening glasses.

A big thank you to The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Support Group, Chris Curtis and the Society of British Dental Nurses for co-sponsoring this informative video with Dental Sky.

If you’d like to learn more about Goccles and cell tissue auto-fluorescence, please visit www.dentalsky.com/goccles-oral-cancer-screening-glasses.html.

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