A day in the life of an A-dec territory manager

We follow Nick Olive around for a day to find out what life is like as an A-dec territory manager.

A-dec is a family-owned company based in Oregon, USA. With a reputation for ‘reliable creative solutions’, A-dec products are renowned globally for their reliability, comfort, ergonomic ingenuity and providing an exceptional customer experience. It is this that makes the role of the A-dec territory manager so key to the A-dec brand.

Generally, an A-dec territory manager will make an early start, in my case not just because we could have to travel for the first meeting of the day, but because I have recently become a father. My newborn son Albert will ensure I am up early, even if the morning alarm had allowed for a lie in!


One of the many roles of an A-dec territory manager is to support A-dec customers with their equipment. When you consider that A-dec equipment is designed to last 20 years, it isn’t surprising that there are thousands of A-dec dental units being used in the UK by dental teams who didn’t originally purchase the equipment or received recent training.

As well as visiting new customers to hand over equipment, a typical day will see me providing support and training on the use of A-dec equipment to dental teams with equipment old and new. Training usually includes cleaning and maintenance of equipment, advising on waterline treatment protocols, unit programming and patient positioning.

As a certified ergonomics assessments specialist (CEAS), I also work with dental teams to review and improve working positions to aid a long healthy career and help to reduce pain. As well as supporting our customers on the high street, a vital part of the role of an A-dec territory manager is supporting dental teaching hospitals and working with them to train dental students and ensure that equipment is being properly maintained. A-dec training visits are always free to the customer and we really enjoy the positive feedback we receive.


A-dec has long been seen as the equipment manufacturer of choice for dentists, and this is in part due to the huge amount of flexibility A-dec offers. Whilst this means that a solution can be found for almost any surgery layout, working style and design concept; it also means that a product specialist, like an A-dec territory manager, can add real value to your plans at an early stage. I am very fortunate to work with a number of excellent professionals within a network of approved dental equipment suppliers, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is supporting these suppliers to bring dentists’ visions to reality. Whether we are simply updating existing equipment or designing a practice from the ground up, the choices are endless.

Considering your patients’ journey, workflow, working style and thinking about your future requirements can be great fun. One of the best ways to get a feel for what might work best is meeting at an A-dec showroom where we can get hands on with the equipment and talk through all of your options. Alternatively, I visit practices or potential premises to work through options and discuss ideas. When you consider an A-dec territory manager could be involved in hundreds of equipment installations each year, you can imagine that whatever your vision, we can probably find a way!

For more information visit www.a-dec.co.uk or follow A-dec on Facebook at A-dec UK.

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