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Vistavox S is the new panoramic machine from Dürr Dental, which combines diagnostic reliability with efficiency and lower radiation doses.

The field of view of the Vistavox is larger than most panoramic machines.

It has equivalent volume diameter of 130mm (compared to 80x80mm for most other systems).

This means it completely covers the whole diagnostically relevant area, including the rear molars, an essential requirement for diagnosing an impacted wisdom tooth.

Enhanced visibility does not require a higher radiation dose; in fact, the opposite is true.

A special curved path, which rotates 540°, in combination with a tightly collimated fan beam and a highly sensitive Csl sensor, means that a particularly low radiation dose is used.

In addition to that, Vistavox S offers 10 further Ø 50 x 50 mm volumes: five in the upper and five in the lower jaw.

These are used if the indication only requires imaging of a certain region of the jaw, eg for endodontic or implant treatments.

Depending on the required level of detail in the image, the volumes can be used with a resolution of either 80 or 120 μm.

Supplemented by the 17 panoramic programmes in the tried-and-tested S-pan technology, this provides dental practices with excellent imaging diagnostics in both 2D and 3D realms.


The practicality of Vistavox S is matched by aesthetics.

The elegant, compact design can be positioned in many different places within a practice.

The simple, innovative 7” touch-display of the Vistavox S ensures simple operation.

User errors will become a thing of the past!

Even positioning of the patient is a breeze.

Three light lines for 2D images, and two for 3D images makes positioning easy and intuitive.

To arrange a demonstration please contact Dürr Dental on 01536 526740.

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