Be one step ahead with prevention

Up to four hours enhanced CPD available

Join experts through a series of live webinars and online discussion sessions to learn more about how dental teams can be one step ahead in helping patients achieve Whole Mouth Health in a world where prevention is playing an increasingly important role.

Leading European dental experts offer an ever-more important role for prevention in the future of oral healthcare, due to longer life-expectancy and higher healthcare costs (Sommer Research, 2009).

The importance of reinforcing patient education for better oral health

Recommendations to all dental professionals from the Perio and Caries Initiative, promoted by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP), also stress the enhanced role that dental professionals need to play in ‘educating and motivating patients to reduce their intake of free sugars, to practice proper dental plaque control, and to encourage smoking cessation.’ The Perio and Caries Initiative calls for a sustained focus on prevention, both at individual and at population level, and highlights how to apply the latest evidence-based guidelines to approach joint management of caries and periodontal diseases.

Coaching the modern patient to achieve Whole Mouth Health

What does this mean for dental professionals? How can the dental team be one step ahead by delivering the optimal oral care prevention strategies?

At the third annual #ColgateTalks Econference, a wide array of presenters, including UK dental experts, market research specialists and patients, will discuss the expectations of today’s patients and how to make prevention a success for both the dental office and the patient.

You’re invited – Wednesday 25 April and Thursday 26 April 2018

All dental professionals and dental students are invited to join the #ColgateTalks 2018 live webinar and online discussion sessions from the convenience of their desktop computer, or on-the-go with their tablet or smartphone. To accommodate the busy schedule of today’s dental professionals, Colgate is spreading the program of the Econference over two consecutive weekday evenings: Wednesday 25 April and Thursday 26 April 2018, 18:00-20:00.

Register today – up to four hours enhanced CPD available

Register today for the #ColgateTalks 2018 Econference – book your spot to learn more about being one step ahead with prevention and claim up to four hours of enhanced CPD by watching the live webinar sessions on both evenings.

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Sommer Research (2009) Qualitative exploratory interviews with European experts (GE, FR, CH, IT).

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