Is Dentacoin the next big thing to take over dentistry?

dentacoinDentacoin explains why its new cryptocurrency and growing network of users is here to stay.

With the boom in popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum recently, it was little surprise to see the first dedicated cryptocurrency for the dental industry – Dentacoin. The idea behind Dentacoin is that as more people get involved with the currency, members will benefit from the value increase it will bring. As its popularity continues to grow, we speak to the founders of Dentacoin to find out a little more about it and find out why people are getting involved.

1. What is Dentacoin?

Dentacoin is the first cyptocurrency, specifically aimed at the dental industry.

It can be used as an industry-specific currency for patients to purchase dental treatment, and for practices to purchase dental equipment.

Suppliers, dental laboratories and service agencies can also use the currency to make working within the dental industry, around the world, seamless.

Dentacoin has also created a number of added value platforms for users of the cryptocurrency.

2. What are the five key points readers can take away about Dentacoin?

  • Dentacoin is an easy-to-use currency for everybody in the dental industry worldwide
  • Launched in February 2017, Dentacoin is the first and only cryptocurrency designed specifically for the dental industry
  • Dentacoin has launched the first blockchain-based review platform for detailed and incentivised feedback
  • There is an educational mobile app for patients
  • In the future there will also be an insurance-like model, encouraging patients with preventive dentistry
  • Dentists can use the Dentacoin platform as a strong way to market their practice for free.

3. How can somebody purchase Dentacoin?

Anybody can purchase Dentacoin by visiting the international exchange platforms: Cryptopia, Etherdelta, Mercatox, Coinexchange Hitbtc, Coinfalcon and Idex.

4. Do you see patients using Dentacoin in three years?

We already see patients using Dentacoin and we are convinced that this will continue to happen on a larger scale in the future.

Find out more about Dentacoin:

5. Why should a dental practice sign up to accept Dentacoin?

From the numerous benefits of implementing Dentacoin, there are two main ones we’d like to draw attention to:

First of all, the future of all service industries, like dentistry, is about creating communities. All modern companies have already realised the importance of creating a loyal community around their business.

Dentacoin provides the infrastructure for that. Engaging patients as actively involved community members makes them feel part of all the struggles and success, increases the patient satisfaction level and triggers a higher loyalty degree. This then leads to a powerful positive word-of-mouth effect, increases the referral rates and thus significantly lowers the costs for patient acquisition and retention.

Moreover, Dentacoin provides financial benefits to the dental practices in the network. Dentists can benefit from the potential value increase of the currency. As a fully functional currency, Dentacoin is already easily exchangeable to other currencies and can be used for payments in real-world life and business.

6. What are the next steps for Dentacoin?

At the moment we are highly focused on improving our tools and developing the next ones, as well as on acquiring new industry partners.

One of the most important next milestones is the Dentacoin Assurance. This is the cornerstone of our project. Dentacoin Assurance encourages patients to pay for prevention.

Through a low monthly fee paid to dentists in Dentacoin, patients are assured to receive prevention-oriented dental care. Patients also agree to practice good dental hygiene on a regular basis. Dentists, on the other hand, receive regular additional income and agree to provide patients with individual advice on how to improve their oral care and prevent dental problems in the future.

We are currently in communication with hundreds of dentists willing to implement Dentacoin into their practice. We are also discussing different partnership models with laboratories and suppliers.

At the moment there are 17 dental practices across 10 countries worldwide that have implemented Dentacoin into their workflow and accept DCN as means of payments.

In our quest to reach all market participants within the dental industry, we recently established a partnership with PCP Dental Recruitment as well, one of the fastest growing dental recruitment agencies in the UK.

7. Anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to use this opportunity for stating once again that Dentacoin is a long-term project with a clear industry-centric purpose.

Our success can be solely measured by its adoption, by its growing network of users (dentists, patients, suppliers, dental laboratories, service agencies). Each new participant increases the value of the currency for all existing participants. This, and not speculation, is what gives real value to Dentacoin.

For more information about Dentacoin, visit

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