Interested in snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)?

An increasing number of dentists are realising the potential of treating both snorers and those suffering from OSA. Commonly a result of a full or partial closure in the airway, due to a lack of skeletal tissue, snoring and OSA can have far-reaching effects on both the individual and the bed-partner.

Looking forward to National Snoring Week 2018 (April 23-29), we invite you to join us on a verifiable seminar with Professor Ama Johal (Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry) to learn about such sleep disorders, and find out more about the Sleepwell – the most clinically-proven mandibular advancement splint for mild to moderate OSA.

Fully adjustable, the Sleepwell enables the patient to modify the degree of mandibular advancement, negating the need for further clinical visits for simple titration. The Sleepwell is uniquely designed with internal splint fixing, allowing the lips to close around the device, preventing dry lips and excess salivation associated with other splints. Patient compliance is high.

Find out more about it at

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