Which awards scheme is right for you?

Struggling to work out what award is right for you? This guide will help you.

Have you been swept up in the thrill of awards season? The beginning of the year is always awash with news of who’s been nominated for which BAFTA, Golden Globe or Oscar award. However, awards aren’t just for celebrities. They are an important marketing tool and can do wonders for your practice. Even being shortlisted for an award highlights your practice’s profile. It also enhances your reputation as a trusted expert in your field and can distinguish you from the competition.

But with so many award schemes, it can be hard to know which awards is right for you.

Here’s our guide to help navigate your awards season…

If you’re mainly an NHS practice in the UK, enter the Dentistry Awards 2018

There are six categories rewarding practices, teams and individuals for providing excellent patient care, with the ceremony taking place at the Athena in Leicester. These awards are judged regionally and then an overall winner is chosen from the regional winners, giving you two chances to win! Decorated with a different theme and presented by a celebrity compere each year, the Dentistry Awards is a celebration not to be missed!

If you’re mainly a private practice in the UK and Ireland, enter the Private Dentistry Awards 2018

Dr David Houston leads the independent panel of expert judges for the Private Dentistry Awards, which rewards practices across a range of categories, such as Best Treatment of Nervous Patients, Best Referral Practice and Best Practice Brand and Design. If you have an area or niche you would like to be recognised for – the Private Dentistry Awards is the awards for you.

Celebrated in the glitziest fashion in central London with a stunning backdrop, an amazing audio-visual display and wonderful entertainment – this is the dental highlight of the year!

Is your focus preventive dental care and the promotion of oral health care? Then the Oral Health Awards 2018 is for you!

Are you a hygienist or therapist in the UK or Ireland? Or you don’t work in a dental practice, but you promote oral health care and education? These exciting awards recognise and reward enterprise in preventive dental care across the UK and Ireland. They allow dental professionals, promoters and educators to demonstrate their passion for excellent patient care and oral health care promotion. With special attention focusing on children’s oral health, vulnerable patients such as older people, special needs and socially excluded groups.

Are you a dental technician or work within a dental laboratory? Then enter the Laboratory Awards 2018!

These awards were created to recognise and reward the science behind the smile, because without the dedicated work of dental technicians, dentists simply wouldn’t be able to give their patients the smile they deserve! It’s time you shouted about your achievements and bring the innovation dental laboratories are offering to the forefront of the profession.

Do you live in Scotland or Ireland? Then luckily for you, you have an extra opportunity to be awarded in our Dentistry Scotland Awards and Irish Dentistry Awards!!

It’s no secret that excellent patient care and the highest standards of dentistry are being delivered by practices across Scotland and Ireland and this is cause for celebration! Scottish and Irish dental teams and professionals can revel in all their hard work, passion and care, with proud patients and professional satisfaction to boot. Categories cover patient care, community work, business acumen, teamwork, individual enterprise, commitment to improving oral health, marketing and innovation.

Dentistry Scotland Awards

Irish Dentistry Awards

Do you have a clinical case that gave your patients results that surpassed their expectations and changed their life? Then the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2019 is for you!

Previously hosted at the stunning Landmark Hotel in London, the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards showcases the best in aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. Judged purely on the clinical treatment plan, rationale and outcome of the cases submitted. The highest calibre of treatment being performed by dental professionals is what really counts here.

Of course, you’re not restricted to a certain number of award schemes or entries. If there is more than one scheme applicable to you and you have a lot of success to shout about – then go right ahead!

If you would like more information or have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly awards team at [email protected] or on 44 (0) 1923 851 779.

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