Visibly whiter teeth with Young Prophy Paste

Young Dental presents a range of new pastes for professional teeth cleaning.

They remove discolouration, achieve significant teeth whitening, and impress with their remarkable efficiency.

The pH-neutral pastes are less abrasive than similar products, so have a particularly gentle feel, and are vegan as well as sugar-, lactose- and gluten-free.

The ‘mint’ and ‘berry’ varieties are supplied in single doses, and come with a handy finger-ring holder for free.

The hygienic disposable packaging minimises the risk of cross-contamination.

A fluoride-free polishing paste with fine granulation, and a stain remover in medium granulation with 1.23% fluoride are available.

To reduce splatter, Young Dental has developed an especially adhesive consistency for the pastes.

The sugar substitute xylitol reduces the development of plaque as well as the production of tooth-damaging acids, and has a proven cariostatic and even anti-cariogenic effect.

Another component is natron, which shortens the cleaning time and enhances teeth whitening.

Furthermore, it improves the buffering capacity of saliva and removes harmful microorganisms in plaque.

At the same time, thanks to the acid-neutralising effect, the growth of caries bacteria is slowed.

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