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IT supportHave you ever thought of outsourcing your IT? Martin Chapman explains how to go about doing it.

Outsourcing IT can make it easier for practice principals to focus on the job in hand. There are two common ways to outsource IT, the first is outsourcing all support, infrastructure and change expertise to somebody else, which means you can use their experience, expertise and resources. Another way is a hand-in-glove way, supporting an IT manager who works in house, and giving them the resources and systems to support the business, this way the practice retains the skills and expertise of an IT manager as and when required, but the practice benefits from specialist applications and IT infrastructure.

Why consider outsourcing

With advances in technology, you may feel that you no longer have the best expertise locally to support your business needs or be benefiting from the latest technologies to protect your critical business systems.

You may be experiencing more and more that your team are becoming involved in dealing with IT issues, impacting their productivity, rather than focusing on their own responsibilities in the business. In a small business, responsibility of the internal IT network generally rests on the shoulders of one individual who may not even be particularly ‘IT savvy’!

If you are pushing along with a business expansion, often it’s the case that your investment commitments will quite rightly be driven towards additional business development, recruiting people to deliver the growth through sales and/or operational delivery. In this case, outsourcing back office needs such as an expanding IT network is a good way of giving your team the support they need without the commitment of employing an IT team.

Why technical expertise is required

It can no longer just be considered a ‘back office’ or ‘support tool’. Today is has become a critical part of almost every business and organisation in one way or another.

Along with digitisation, comes the need for technical expertise when things fail or go wrong (which they do – and normally when you either least expect or can afford for it to). Moreover, digitisation also brings obligation and responsibility; working within the confines of what will be, from May 2018, the General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) to protect individuals’ data.

Working with an IT partner provides a huge support to the owner of a business in terms of observing those obligations and really removes the headache of IT from their team. Any problems, simply pick up the phone and call one number and (if you’ve picked the right partner) you’ll have an experienced IT engineer ready to assist immediately.

Benefits of outsourcing to Microminder

We have a vast team of engineers strategically based in all areas of the UK and the Republic of Ireland to ensure we can be onsite when you need us to. We offer immediate telephone IT support where we achieve a successful fix rate of over 85% using remote access technology to fix your reported issue.

Microminder is not new to the scene, with 35 years of continuous trading it has the experience and providence to give you complete peace-of-mind and reassurance that you have the best IT partner for your needs.

It offers a wide range of technical services, allowing it to be one of the market leaders and the chosen IT provider to over 2,000 clients nationwide.

Support from a partner on an ad-hoc basis can sometimes become rather costly, so Microminder offers cost effective IT support contracts, which include everything you might need from your IT Partner. Get in touch today!

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