Bluephase Style review by Dr Adam Nulty

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Bluephase curing light range is one of the best-selling LED polymerisation lights in Europe, used in numerous clinical studies they are also ranked top by independent and renowned test institutes. Keen to highlight the uses and benefits of the Bluephase Style, Ivoclar Vivadent UK and Ireland is now offering the opportunity for a free curing light test, this will measure the output of your existing curing light and advice will be available on which product is best suited to your practice needs.

Clinical product specialist, Leanne Jayawardena, recently visited Dr Adam Nulty, clinician and practice principal of Dentist On The Rock, in Bury; with over 10 years of proven educational achievements and industry experience, Adam prides himself on keeping up to date with the very latest technologies and techniques in the dental field. Leanne introduced Adam to the Bluephase Style curing light, which is capable of polymerising all current photoinitiators and materials. After sampling the curing light, we caught up with Adam to hear what he had to say about the Bluephase Style.

  • What did you like about the Bluephase Style light?

Adam: I like the ergonomic feel and lightness without compromising on the feel of quality. The wireless charging dock is also a nice touch. I’ve had problems in the past with wireless halogen curing lights losing the ability to charge as the metal connectors rust, but the inductive charging on this feels solid and robust.

  • What features of the light did you find most useful?

Adam: I was immediately at home with the different time settings, which are easily changed depending on the clinical indications. I’ve also found my composites set harder and faster with this LED light. I think that’s due to the broad spectrum and brightness activating deeper into the cure and again this fills me with confidence that I can expect a better long term and predictable result from my use with this light.

  • You were initially sceptical about buying the light. Why did you decide to buy the Bluephase style light in the end?

Adam: I was sceptical as I had an integrated chairside cure light that was doing the job what I thought was perfectly well. However, when Leanne, my Ivoclar rep, showed me the results of the light phase meter and we sat down to try out the light and its effects on a few different composites we had in I immediately saw the difference. I went away and did my research and decided to purchase the light.

  • What would you say to others considering a new light?

Adam: Try it, compare it and you will fall in love with it.

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