How to recognise the quality of postgraduate training

Are you struggling to pick your postgraduate training, Tipton Training explains what you need to look out for.

Dentists that want to undertake postgraduate training must check that their chosen course leads to a ‘recognised’ qualification and who the awarding body is.

That’s the message from Tipton Training, which now offers recognised masters level (level seven) vocational qualifications.

‘A nationally recognised qualification – like the ones on offer at Tipton Training – are quality assured by recognised awarding bodies,’ explains Vivek Gupta, Tipton Training CEO.

‘Remember, a level seven course is a guaranteed level of quality. This status is only awarded to courses after the curriculum, its method of delivery and assessment is verified by an independent awarding body such as Eduqual.

‘There are numerous private dental training programmes that do not meet this standard, yet demand high course fees. The problem is that these courses aren’t recognised by independent awarding bodies, which can make it difficult for dentists to achieve the career progression they deserve.

‘By completing a level seven course, dentists can rest assured that their qualification actually means something.’

Level seven postgraduate diploma

Tipton Training’s range of postgraduate diplomas – which are all level seven vocational qualifications – have the potential to kickstart careers that have reached a plateau.

In particular, they equip dentists with the necessary skills to perform better treatments, which in turn increases their income.

‘We encourage dentists to work smarter, not harder,’ adds Vivek Gupta.

‘By expanding their treatment portfolio, a dentist can drastically increase their take home pay. This results in better career satisfaction and a more rewarding work/life balance.’

At this moment in time, Tipton Training runs four postgraduate diploma courses:

  • PG diploma in prosthodontics
  • PG diploma in aesthetic dentistry
  • PG diploma in restorative dentistry
  • PG diploma in implant prosthodontics.

Each course has between 10 to 12 units and can be completed within 12 to 18 months. There’s also an option for delegates to complete their diploma through an ‘extended course’ format, which lasts between 24 to 36 months.

Individual units have specific learning outcomes, which are assessed regularly through multiple choice questionnaires, reflective write-ups and structured feedback on hands-on work.

‘Essentially, a postgraduate diploma is a masters level qualification – and comparable to completing the education associated with two postgraduate certificates,’ adds Vivek Gupta.

‘As such, delegates can reap the benefits of two courses within a substantially shorter duration. Understandably, the effort involved in completing an accelerated postgraduate diploma is increased as delegates invest time earlier. However, the benefits of doing so are worth the investment, as delegates can implement their skills more quickly.’

Tipton Training’s philosophy

Postgraduate diplomas embody something called the ‘Learn, Practice, Reflect and Perform’ philosophy.

‘Our delegates learn through face-to-face teaching, various scientific papers and other reading materials. They then practice what they have learned, before completing assessments. A key part of our assessment procedure includes a “reflective write-up”, where delegates are required to articulate the principles they have learnt,’ adds Vivek Gupta.

‘We’ve found that this philosophy best prepares our delegates for replicating skills in a practice environment.’

Flexible financing

Tipton Training courses are now more accessible, as the centre offers interest-free finance to dentists. This allows dentists to spread their course costs over a set period of time.

‘No matter if you are newly qualified, working in private practice or a principal, it can be tedious to finance qualifications to progress your career. Our finance options include 30 months interest free finance, or low cost 9.9% finance to help you get on board,’ adds Vivek Gupta.

For more information about Tipton Training, please visit or call +44 (0)161 348 7848.

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