View the ‘How to help sensitivity patients live life without limitations’ CPD event

Two hundred dental practitioners came together at The Royal Society of Medicine in London to attend an exclusive Colgate CPD event on ‘How to help sensitivity patients live life without limitations’.

Dr Javid Mustafa, specialist in prosthodontics, honorary lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons and a dental practitioner in a busy specialist practice in London, started the evening by looking at the challenges, implications and complexities of treating patients with dentine hypersensitivity. Javid said: ‘Sensitivity is not only a problem for our patients but also for us as clinicians.’ Javid shared relevant case studies and went on to present the idea of taking time to consider dentine hypersensitivity, its impact on patients and how through proactive management it can turn out to be a practice builder.

Dr Fotinos Panagakos, global director at Colgate Scientific Affairs thanked Javid for outlining both the challenges and opportunities that dentine hypersensitivity presents for busy clinicians. Fotinos ran though the current understanding of dentine hypersensitivity theories and contributing factors before moving onto a review of traditional and new treatment approaches. This included the clinical evidence supporting Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief containing Pro-Argin technology to provide efficacy through effective and acid resistant tubule occlusion, resulting in long-lasting relief from the pain of sensitive teeth, from the first use.*,1,2 Also, the proven quality of life benefit for dentine hypersensitivity sufferers was confirmed by a new unique clinical study carried out versus a negative control demonstrating a quality of life effect of a toothpaste technology, when measuring dentine hypersensitivity.3 Fotinos finally introduced Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Repair and Prevent toothpaste as an alternative solution for dentine hypersensitivity patients with gum problems and or gingival recession.

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