Dental profession rallies behind six-year-old

The dental profession is rallying to get behind Elliot, a six-year-old with cerebral palsy, to help crowdfund £25,000-renovations to his home.

Elliot, a happy and sociable boy, was diagnosed with congenital ataxic cerebral palsy when he was two-and-a-half, the least common type of the disorder, affecting around only 5% of all people with cerebral palsy.

Unfortunately Elliot’s home is no longer suitable for disabled living – there is insufficient space for wheelchair access to the bedroom, no adapted wet room, changing table or height-adjustable bed – leading Michelle Hyde, marketing manager at Frank Taylor and Associates and Elliot’s mother, to start a crowdfunding page to help make these changes.

United family

We currently carry Elliot upstairs, lift him in and out of bed, bath, wheelchair and seat, all essential daily activities that are taking their toll on our health,’ Michelle said.

‘Plus, we dress and change Elliot on the floor, which, as he gets older, isn’t appropriate or dignified.

‘We would benefit from wheelchair accessible living space, ceiling hoists, wider doorways, through the floor lift, ramps and level flooring to allow Elliot to access his bedroom and garden independently.

‘We have been approved for a Disabled Facilities Grant to help pay for some of the adaptations, but this will only cover a small proportion of the cost so we need to fund the majority of the work ourselves.

‘The amount we are aiming to raise is over £25,000.

‘This will help us adapt and extend our home to accommodate Elliot’s needs, allow him to live an independent life and ensure we continue to live together as a united family.’

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