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Speakers at the Digital Dentistry Show, Adam Nulty and Mervyn Druian, highlight why going digital can benefit your practice and your patients. How has going digital benefitted your practice and patients?

Adam Nulty (AN): I developed my practice with the goal of being completely paperless and fully digital. As the costs of these solutions have reduced over the last few years, this has meant that these goals were met. The digital technologies that I have integrated into the practice have facilitated smooth and accurate treatment planning that has resulted in more predictable outcomes for my patients. This will most definitely have an impact on the long-term success of my treatments.

I can better check and control aesthetics, symmetry, occlusion and as I mill, stain and glaze in-house I can involve the patient at every step. The benefit to the patient from the use of digital workflows is enormous. Impression-free, same-day restorations make better use of both the clinician’s and the patient’s time, make things more enjoyable to the patient and by having the patient at hand it is often easier to colour match or integrate matching surface texture/colour markings in the finished result.

Practice management and advertisement is also made easier with digital software that manages my diary automatically, reminding patients, filling empty slots and promoting the practice through targeted re-advertisement via email and social media.

Patients are happier and are more reliable as they receive texts and emails for appointments and can engage with the practice better with reviews. Being paperless also has the obvious benefit of storage and allows instant retrieval of information as well as making it easier to provide a more thorough consent process with quotations and forms that can be viewed and signed on an iPad, saved, and forwarded to the patient. Why should people attend the Digital Dentistry Show?

AN: The Digital Dentistry Show is going to appeal to anyone looking to start their journey into the digital realm or delve deeper alike. The digital dental market is expanding massively and is constantly evolving. Being able to see and try out these technologies is incredibly important and it will be nice to have such a wide selection of providers at hand. When sourcing any new equipment, the main challenge faced by digital dentists is in choosing the right brand.

The ever-expanding world of digital dentistry means there are several companies investing heavily in the field, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I think it ultimately depends on what the clinician’s needs are as to which are the most appropriate.

The show will also provide a series of mini power lectures that will give the audience an idea of what is possible and help explain some of the digital processes that are available. This is important as a lot of the purchasing decision can initially be on wow factor but miss out key information such as support and ease of use. What are you speaking about at the Digital Dentistry Show?

AN: I will be giving the audience an introduction to guided implant surgery and how the team can be part of the process. For an implant dentist, the ability to prosthetically plan the dental implant placement from the crown down, in an accurate and predictable manner, is remarkable.

Rather than manually using the prosthetic envelope of a wax mock-up, the digital dentist has the ability to measure distances, plan depths and predict emergence profiles for better planning of the prosthetic components and an enhanced outcome.

I will touch on what guided software is available on the market and show how the practice team can be involved in the workflow from patient education to guide production.

I’m really looking forward to it! See you all there!

Mervyn Druian How has going digital benefitted your practice and patients?

Mervyn Druian (MD): Going for digital scanning has benefitted the practice enormously. The scans are so accurate today, with the result that the work, whether crowns or veneers, just slots in. Brilliant adaptation and great occlusion. For the larger veneer cases, it has reduced the stress levels enormously. Plus, the time saving. The ceramist has the scan and the digitally made model in his/her hands while the patient is still in the dental chair. Also, patients love to know that their dentist is at the cutting edge of technology and going digital certainly gives them the confidence that they are in good hands. Who should attend the Digital Dentistry Show?

MD: Regarding who should attend the Digital Dentistry Show, probably any dentist or dental team person. In one place at one time all the latest technology will be exhibited, demonstrated, perhaps even allowing an attendee to ‘play’ with the equipment. Plus, there will be lectures by clinicians who are totally immersed in digital dentistry showing how they have embraced this. What are you speaking about at the Digital Dentistry Show?

MD: I am personally, at the Digital Dentistry Show, going to share my own journey into this brave new world. As a senior clinician I could have remained in my ‘comfort zone,’ but I have chosen the digital scanning route and I can’t wait to talk about how and why I did it and also to show a few of my successes utilising my scanner.

Looking forward to seeing many colleagues on Saturday 16 September.

Digital Dentistry Show 2017

What? One-day free-to-attend digital dentistry exhibition

When? Saturday 16 September 2017, 9am-4pm

Where? Hotel Novotel London West, Hammersmith

How much? Free to attend

Exhibition? Meet face to face with over 50 dental comapnies

What else? Expert mini lectures throughout the day, and one year’s core CPD

How? Call 01923 851 771 or visit

Who’s speaking?

Wondering who is speaking at the Digital Dentistry Show? After much anticipation, all the speakers have now been announced!

Adam Nulty – Guided surgery

In-house digital implant restorations and how the whole team can be a part of the process

Mervyn Druian – Intraoral scanners

An introduction into using intraoral scanners

Chris Lefkaditis – CAD/CAM

A discussion on the different chairside, CAD/CAM and milling materials available and their integration into practice

Peter Donnelly – Digital X-ray and CBCT scanners

Innovations in digital dental radiology

Braemar Finance – Dental finance solutions

How to finance a digital practice

Hugo Patrao – 3D printers

An update on the rise of 3D printing

Lino Adolph – Aesthetics and occlusion design in CAD/CAM

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