New mineralising fluoride-free toothpaste launched

biominA new fluoride-free toothpaste, formulated to adhere to the tooth surface and slowly release calcium and phosphate ions, is being launched by Biomin Technologies.

BioMin C, which helps replace lost minerals from tooth surfaces, is designed for those who, for a variety of reasons, do not wish to use fluoride-containing products but still want to have the benefits of a protective toothpaste.

It is also designed for those parts of the world, particularly areas of India and China, where high levels of fluoride are naturally present in the water supply.

This launch follows the successful introduction of Biomin F – the slow release fluoride version in April 2016 – with Biomin C now being available through dental practices and online (see for details).


The new toothpaste contains a patented calcium chloro-phosphosilicate that releases chloride ions as opposed to fluoride ions.

Chloride ions are already present in all body fluids.

In addition to remineralising tooth surfaces, the new Biomin C toothpaste may help protect teeth, reduce sensitivity and diminish the risk of initial tooth decay.

Tooth sensitivity is estimated to affect nearly a third of all adults, around 14 million people in the UK alone, while dental decay is estimated to affect 2.3billion people worldwide.

‘A large portion of what we eat and drink is either acidic or contains sugars that bacteria use to form acids,’ said Professor Robert Hill, chief scientific officer at Biomin Technologies and chair of physical sciences in the Dental Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

‘These acids attack the tooth enamel and dissolve Calcium and Phosphate from the surface.

‘Biomin C works when water and saliva in the mouth help to slowly release the calcium and phosphate ions contained within the toothpaste.

‘These ions then rapidly form the tooth mineral on the tooth surface, which effectively seals open dentine tubules.’

Symptom free

‘Biomin C has been developed as a result of extensive research undertaken at Queen Mary University of London in recent years,’ said Richard Whatley, CEO of Biomin Technologies.

‘We anticipate it will build on the success of Biomin F, which has achieved very high levels of user satisfaction.

‘Over 65% of Biomin F test evaluators suffering from tooth sensitivity reported a significant reduction in sensitivity.

‘Indeed 15% claimed to be symptom free after two weeks of use.’

Biomin C will be looking to capitalise on the distribution network of Biomin F, which is now available in more than 13 countries around the world including India, China, Australia and many European countries in addition to the UK.

‘Distribution contracts have also been established in the Middle East and Canada, and introduction is planned later this year in the USA,’ said Richard Whatley.

‘Negotiations with potential distributors and licence holders are on-going in 10 further countries.’

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