GDC call to action – check the small print on your indemnity cover

gdcThe General Dental Council (GDC) is warning dental professionals to ‘check the small print’ on their indemnity cover.

The warnings come after the GDC highlighted a recent case where ‘the adequacy of the registrant’s indemnity provision was considered’.

Specifically the registrant’s policy contained exclusions relating to the transmission of blood-borne diseases, which the regulator felt wasn’t in line with its Standards for the Dental Team.


Peter Ward, chief executive at the British Dental Association (BDA), parroted the calls saying: ‘This is a call to action to all dentists – review your indemnity arrangements.

‘Look through the small print and check out the conditions and restrictions, and ask your insurer what they mean and what the expectations are upon you.

‘We also call on all providers of cover.

‘Tell us what your exclusions are, when they would apply and what the consequences would be to those who entered into these agreements in good faith.

‘The dental profession and providers need a real debate about indemnity.

‘At a time when fees are rising, many may be searching for a better deal.

‘But a cheaper option with holes in it is not a real option at all when your professional registration is at risk if it goes wrong.’

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