People in Leeds spend most money on their teeth

leedsPeople in Leeds spend the most money on their teeth, with £1,000 spent on average on tooth whitening every year.

A new survey from has compared the average amounts spent on beauty around the country.

The cities with the highest spend on their teeth are:

  1. Leeds – beauty expenditure amounts to £7,000 per capita each year in Leeds, with £1,000 spent on tooth whitening
  2. London – people in London spend £840 on average on tooth whitening
  3. Birmingham – the average amount spent on teeth in Birmingham was £739 per year
  4. Swansea – tooth whitening costs £721 a year per capita in Swansea
  5. Manchester – Manchester rounds off the top five with £684 spent on tooth whitening.

‘The piece isn’t just about the total spend,’ Joe Gardiner,’s head of brand and communications, said.

‘It’s interesting to see the breakdown and understand which cities value which parts of their appearance the most.’

Pride in appearance

People from Leeds also had a higher than average level of pride in their appearance, with 79% saying their looks are important.

Cardiff placed the most importance on their appearance however, despite coming in 18th on the total amount spent on their appearance throughout the whole year.

The survey also found that over 70% of respondents are ‘beauty concious’, with 45% unwilling to post a picture on social media without putting an effort into their appearance first.

To view the UK’s Biggest Beauty Spenders chart visit

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