Team Leidos on the lookout for dental lab

british armed forcesTeam Leidos is inviting you to participate in its competition for the supply of dental technical services to the British Armed Forces.

Full information outlining this competition and instructions regarding the tendering process can be found on the OJEU Ted Platform – under the reference 2017/S 101-202372.

This requirement is for the provision of dental technical services to military units throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. The contract is to be in force for a maximum period of four years.


We operate in a unique environment that requires capability of a dental technical service to deliver support to primary care including specialist treatment (advanced restorative, orthodontic and implant dentistry) and the flexibility to ensure the prioritisation of work to enable deployed operations, Special Forces and Royal Navy afloat laboratory work.

Team Leidos requires potential bidders to register utilising its online e-sourcing system, the details of which can be found within the contract notice. Once registered, potential bidders will be granted access to the full tender documentation, including the statement of requirement.

The nature of this contract is such that only suppliers capable of working in a highly professional and timely manner with the ability to deliver the complex requirements will be considered for contract award.

Amendment: the previous title for this page ‘British Armed Forces on the lookout for a new dental lab’ was factually incorrect and has now been updated.

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