More than a third of Brits fear the dentist’s chair

dentistMore than a third (34%) of Brits fear the dentist’s chair, new research has found.

The research questioned 2,000 British adults about their fears when visiting the doctors, dentists and opticians.

It revealed that 79% of those who admitted to having fears about visiting the dentist, doctors or opticians put off receiving medical advice as a result.

‘It’s interesting to see just how many Britons fear seeking face-to-face medical advice – many really do have a fear of the doctor’s waiting room or dentist’s chair, which for many continue throughout adulthood,’ Ed Fletcher, CEO of Fletchers Solicitors who carried out the survey, said.

‘It is important that everyone is at ease when they have a medical problem or question so that they speak to a medical professional when they need to.

‘Putting off appointments is something many are guilty of but this can be dangerous.’


Finding a previously unknown health problem was the number one reason for having a fear of visiting a health professional (69%).

A fear of medical equipment, such as needles and the dentist’s drill followed closely behind with 52% of respondents listing this as their main fear.

The top reasons for apprehension of medical appointments were:

  1. Finding a previously unknown health problem – 69%
  2. Phobia of medical equipment – 52%
  3. Bad childhood memory – 45%
  4. Previous bad experience – 22%
  5. Potential pain – 14%.
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