Dental partnership group launches

Dentex are helping dental practices to achieve clinical excellence through smart partnerships

Dentists are unique in the demands they face in their work. Not only must they be accomplished in their chosen practice, with the strong interpersonal skills necessary to foster the confidence of their patients, but they also need the acumen to run a successful business. From budgets and HR to advertising and building maintenance; as well as managing the increasingly intricate burden of regulatory requirements; there are numerous plates to spin. To help with the escalating complexity of running your own practice, Dentex provides additional finance and support, while allowing practitioners to preserve their independence.

Although new to the market, Dentex has already started working with a group of UK dentists, using a unique co-ownership model that they feel will revolutionise UK dentistry. Whether you’re looking to grow your practice, build your own group of practices, spend more time with patients practising the skills you trained so long to acquire, or shift the scales in your work/life balance, they enable you to focus on the parts of the business that you enjoy.

The Dentex story

Conceived and managed by dentists, Dentex knows what it takes to run a successful dental practice. It began as a means to foster clinical excellence in dentistry. The concept of the organisation is to provide the support as a partner, enabling growth without removing a practice’s autonomy; so you can run your practice the way that you see fit while knowing that there is help at hand to guide you through thorny issues such as financial management, clinical compliance, operational support and marketing. They understand that the most important elements of a dental practice are the patients, staff and dentist and that these need to be preserved. Dentex has already started partnering with some well-known dentists in the UK including Mark Hughes, Stuart Bowen-Davies, Stan Dubowitz, Elaine Halley, Rahul and Bhavna Doshi, Pieter Claassen, Stephen Tarr, and Tidu Mankoo.

Depending on your situation, there are two ways of partnering with Dentex (see below).

As a practice partner

As practice partner, you will gain the support you need to refocus your efforts on the areas of your work which you find most rewarding. Whether you’re wanting to expand your business, offload tiresome management procedures so you can concentrate on the clinical, or begin a gentle move towards retirement, Dentex can help you to achieve your goals, without depleting your independence. Your practice will become part of a regional partner’s group, they will work alongside you, taking on the tasks that you would rather avoid, enabling you to realise your practice’s potential, clinically and financially.

As a regional partner

If you wish to take your practice to the next level, but don’t know where to start when it comes to expansion, then joining as a regional partnership could be for you. Taking a minority share in your business, Dentex can provide the finance and resources you need to drive your practice forward.  Dentex won’t impose on the everyday operation of your practice, but our help is there if you need it for mentoring, guidance, technical, financial, legal and clinical support. You retain control, but with the reassurance of a safety net and the knowledge that you are part of a network of like-minded dentists.

Regardless of which option you choose, Dentex will allow you to retain an investment in your practice. As a true partner, they will share the growth in value created in your practice with you, so that you continue to enjoy the rewards of growing your practice, but with all the financial and operational support you need. Dentex is committed to developing a culture of integrity, respect, and the highest ethical standards. The Dentex team instils passion and determination in everything that they do, while continuously searching for ways to innovate, improve and evolve. Dentex can help you to make your practice everything that you want it to be.

About Dentex

At Dentex we believe in the power of partnership. Since the organisation’s inception in 2014, the team has evolved to encompass experience and expertise from every area needed to make Dentex a market leader.

Founded by Mark Cockburn, a chartered accountant with more than 30 years’ experience, and William Bowen-Davies, an entrepreneur with a successful history in business management and extensive experience in the dental industry, Dentex combines clinical and financial excellence.

CEO Barry Lanesman is a qualified dentist with a MBA from the University of Cape Town and a 26 year career in which he successfully developed two specialist finance and banking businesses with a focus on the medical, dental and accounting markets in Australia. Coupled with Pat Langley’s (group clinical director at Oasis for seven years) outstanding clinical support, guidance and leadership, and Christopher Barrow’s (legal director, with 20 years’ experience at high profile international law firms) unerring legal expertise, the Dentex team have strong foundations. Additional deeply knowledgeable and experienced partners working within the Operations, Due Diligence and Partner Management sectors complete the Dentex Team.

Our aim is to build a successful, inclusive, co-owned dental business that inspires growth and high standards of practice, while improving the running of practices and liberating lifestyles.

Barry Lanesman, Dentex CEO says: ‘It is important that we collaborate with our partnering dentists, enabling them to enhance and share their skills. This means that with our support they can grow more than they could have on their own, whilst retaining clinical control of their business. It’s a unique approach but one that we feel really meets the needs of dentists today – we believe what we are building will revolutionise dentistry in the UK.’

To find out more about partnering with Dentex, please email us or visit the website.
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