Generate ROI from your dental website

Before commissioning a design agency to create your website, ensure you list your objectives. Ask yourself why you need a website and what you want it to achieve for you. Your website has to be designed with a purpose and these days most well-planned and well-designed dental websites are built to generate enquiries that lead to sales.

There is no such thing as a perfect website so you must be prepared to constantly develop and evaluate your website in order for it to become successful.

Choose the right website and marketing agency

Take time to select your preferred website design agency or online marketing company. An agency with no dental experience is more likely to present you with a long list of tasks such as preparing content, writing copy and organising photography.

An experienced agency who knows about dentistry can save you a lot of valuable time but be prepared to pay for this. It will save you a huge headache and get the job done much quicker.

The next step is to meet with your selected agency, view their portfolio and find out how they plan to help your website generate the results you need. Your decision must not just be about the price. It’s all about the results. Ask for proof.


How much should I pay for my SEO?

Once your new website is live, you will need to advertise it online through search engines, portals, directories and on social media platforms.

There are various levels of SEO packages available and it’s all about the level of exposure you can afford to pay. The more you can invest the more easily your website will be found.

Unfortunately not everyone has a bottomless pit of money and there are so many different packages and SEO prices to choose from. I recommend you choose an affordable package that will optimise your website, get listed on search engines and a plan that enables your website to alter and develop. Fees will vary from agency to agency but listen to their advise and how confident they are generating results for you.

Are there any quick fixes?

With organic SEO there are no quick fixes. Paid advert campaigns will generate immediate results but this is not sustainable if you are on low budgets. There are some cheap online SEO companies but beware about what they are selling you. A promise for Google top spot may result in a non-popular keyword that no one searches for.

Is there a magic formula?

There is no magic formula. It’s all about choosing the right design and online marketing agency. At Design4dentists we create the right website that will make your practice stand out from the competition and we have the experience to market it successfully.

By working closely with your team, we can track and trace patients who enquired through your website. Once you realise the returns generated, you will want your website to work even harder.

Professional web design and marketing

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