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According to research from GSK, up to 86% of patients are affected by food becoming trapped under their dentures and without intervention this can cause discomfort and bad breath.

Results have shown that Poligrip denture fixatives have the ability to reduce food entrapment by 74% versus no fixatives in well-fitting dentures.

This can help to reduce gum irritation and studies have shown that when using a denture fixative, such as Poligrip, patients can experience increased levels of confidence, denture comfort and chewing efficiency (Gendreau L et al, 2011).

To help provide support to patients living with dentures, GSK is offering free patient samples of Poligrip flavour-free denture fixative to dental professionals.

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For further information on Poligrip and dentures, why not complete the Poligrip online education module and earn up to 1.5 hours of CPD.

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Gendreau L, Munoz-Viveros C, Tyson-Johnson D, Fernandez PM, Campillo-Funollet M, Shanga G, Magnuszewski T, Gonser F (2011) Denture adhesive reduces food entrapment under removable full dentures

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