What’s wrong with cheap dental logos?

There are many different opportunities to purchase cheap dental logos online but are you really getting a bargain or just a raw deal? Well, unlike purchasing a product where there can be an obvious difference between a legitimate branded item or a fake, logos are designed specifically to represent your brand and the aim is to make it as individual as possible. The perfectly matched identity can consume many hours to create, so what price would you put on perfection?

The cost of a logo

At Design4dentists we are often asked about the costs of logo design and what is the right fee to pay. There is no exact price but imagine you are buying a work of art, the price will be dependent upon it’s uniqueness, popularity and rarity.

Every designer and artist has a price based on their skills, experience, style and success. An online logo design portal, company or person with very little credibility or portfolio may not have the necessary expertise to create the right brand logo for your business. Have a look at a couple of examples of cheap logos verses a professional refresh logo designs here.

What to look out for with a cheap logo design online

If you want to create an individual brand then you may not want a logo designed with the following:

  • Clipart used for icons
  • Scary tooth shaped icon
  • Logo icon you have seen many times before
  • A toothbrush and tooth with a face
  • A complicated logo with too many graphical elements.

Ask yourself…does a cheap online logo package include the following?

  • Bespoke designs
  • Options for you to choose from
  • Variations for use on different applications
  • Choice of colours and alterations
  • Are they asking you the right questions about your brand

All these are important factors that will determine how much time and effort a cheap online logo designer is spending on your brand design. Read more about creating a powerful dental brand here.

Creating the right logo

At Design4dentists we can help dentists create the right logo for their dental practice brand. Have a look at some of the professional identities we have created here: www.design4dentists.com/dental-logos.html.

If you have concerns about choosing the right logo designer and wish to know more then please read more about the difference in a cheap logo verses a professional logo here: www.design4dentists.com/latest-news/dental-design- branding/cheap-logo/.

Professional brand and logo designer

For more information, look here at our dental logos, or call Alex Nicolaou on 01923 609770 to find out more about making the most of your dental brand.

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