Aesthetics and strength from Ceramill Zolid HT+

Ceramill HT+ from Amann Girrbach is a high translucent zirconia, which combines high mechanical parameters with excellent aesthetics. Its strength of over 1000 MPa is in the same range as the proven HT zirconia Ceramill Zolid, however, the light optical properties greatly surpass those of its predecessor. Even solid structures such as large, implant-supported structures with gingiva sections radiate the vitality of natural tooth structure thanks to their light transmission.

An optimised manufacturing process also positively influences the milling of the blank. It is particularly illustrated in even finer marginal contouring with outstanding edge stability. The Ceramill Liquid ‘new formula’ colouring solutions are a perfect complement to Ceramill Zolid HT+. The interplay of the two components used in the immersion or brush technique is reflected in highly aesthetic shade results according to the VITA classical shade guide.

The white Ceramill Zolid HT+ portfolio will be completed in future by pre-stained Preshade blanks in 16 VITA tooth shades.

Amann Girrbach products are availble in the UK from WHW. Visit

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