How can our favourite pancake toppings affect our teeth?

pancakesThe Oral Health Foundation has listed the UK’s favourite pancake toppings and what effect they have on our oral health.

Yougov figures show that people in Britain eat two or more pancakes on Pancake Day, and most of the toppings used are damaging to our oral health leading the Oral Health Foundation to highlight the dangers.

Most popular pancake toppings

The most popular toppings are:

  1. Lemon and sugar – 63% of Brits have voted for this as their favourite, but high acidity from the lemon and the sugar can help erode and decay teeth
  2. Maple syrup – 22% chose maple syrup as their favourite topping, however with more than two thirds of the syrup sugar and it sticking to teeth maple syrup can create a prolonged sugar attack on teeth
  3. Golden syrup – 14% voted for golden syrup as their favourite, but similar to maple syrup this can create a prolonged sugar attack on teeth
  4. Nutella – 12% of respondents chose Nutella as their favourite pancake topping, but 56% of a jar of Nutella is sugar causing a sugar attack on consumers’ teeth
  5. Savoury – came in fifth place, which the Oral Health Foundation describes as ‘a fine choice for your oral health and your waistline too.’
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