Bright Bites educates children on how to look after their teeth

Bright BitesChildren in Leeds have been learning how to look after their teeth thanks to Bright Bites, run by Dentaid.

Bright Bites is an educational project that educates children about good tooth brushing, the amount of sugar in foods and drinks and the importance of visiting the dentist regularly, along with this children are given a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush before they go away.

Recent figures have shown that 160 children have their teeth extracted everyday in hospital costing the NHS £35.6 million every year.

‘It is shocking and upsetting how many children in the UK need to have teeth removed because they are suffering decay that is entirely preventable,’ Andy Evans, strategic director of Dentaid, said.

‘Oral health education has always been at the heart of Dentaid’s work overseas but it’s equally important we get the message across here.’

Bright Bites

The Bright Bites project aims to combine oral health education with the curriculum to help children learn how to look after their teeth.

It is funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery, which gave Dentaid a £9,100 grant to fund its oral health education work in Leeds.

Parents are also invited to get involved and listen to the presentation.


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