Implant Dentistry Today celebrates 10 years in print

idt-10Have you received your copy of the special 10-year anniversary issue of Implant Dentistry Today yet?

The special 10-year anniversary issue is the culmination of a decade of inspiration, hard work, and achievement. Ten years is a long time by anyone’s standards, but in publishing it can be an eternity – and hitting the grand old age of 10 is a monumental achievement for a title dedicated to one of the most demanding – and yes, unforgiving, and satisfying – facets of dentistry.

Implant Dentistry Today represents something unique in UK dentistry. It is dedicated to providing a practical, dependable guide to modern implant dentistry – backed up by science and an ever-growing evidence base.

Implant Dentistry Today is unashamedly a journal for those dentists with busy lives, practising at the sharp end of dentistry, yet who remain infatuated with the progress of this fascinating field and the opportunities it represents.

Over the years, the journal has delved deeply into the constantly surprising, often wonderful field of implant dentistry and it promises to continue to do so.

Capturing imaginations

Implant Dentistry Today was born into a world in crisis: around the globe, financial systems were collapsing and economies were plunging into recession. But despite all that, the need for a practical journal aimed squarely at this fascinating and fast-growing modality was too pressing. The launch was a risk but the audience was there.

The market has grown and grown, defying the trends see elsewhere in the world. The romance of implant dentistry – its miraculous potential, in the eyes of the layperson – has captured the imagination of patients from all walks of life.

We understand that clinically speaking, a dental implant is the best replacement for a missing natural tooth. But to a patient that significance goes much further. By returning form as well as function, it is no exaggeration to say that implant dentistry has the capacity to give some patients their lives back.  pg-01-idt

With that potential comes great responsibility, and this is another area where Implant Dentistry Today has come into its own, particularly over recent years as the political backdrop in UK dentistry has at times grown more and more ominous.

In recent issues alone,Implant Dentistry Today has looked closely at consent, at iatrogenic harm, and at the often-ignored issue of writing to your patients.

But beyond that, we’ve considered the impact of bisphosphonates, examined the indications (and contraindications) of guided bone regeneration, and highlighted new techniques for sutures.

We’ve looked at the evidence-based success rates of endodontics versus implants and considered how these two fields of dentistry can work more closely together for the good of the patient.

We’ve covered patient complaints, complications and mastering referrals: from single molars to sinus lifts, we have left no stone unturned in our dedication to bringing you the finest, most practical implant journal on the market.

And do you know what we think is the most exciting thing of all? We aren’t done yet – here’s to the next 10 years!

If you’ve not yet received this special 10-year issue, and would like to get your hands on it, call 01923 851771 or visit the website.

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