Brighton Implant Clinic offers life-changing treatment

donna-comparison2Brighton Implant Clinic has just offered Donna, a patient of Dr Silva’s, life-changing treatment after a horrific road accident.

On New Year’s Eve in 1998, Donna (then 25) was walking home after celebrating and when stepping off the pavement she was clipped by a car causing horrific injuries, including fracturing her front top teeth and cracking her bottom teeth.

Despite a lengthy time in hospital and numerous years of restorative surgery, Donna struggled to feel normal again and after becoming the victim of domestic violence her teeth were damaged even further.

‘I rarely left the house at all as I hated the denture I had so much, it petrified me and every time I put it in my mouth it just took over,’ Donna said.

‘I couldn’t concentrate on anything else as I was constantly thinking about the denture.

‘It also affected my speech so much that I hated answering the phone as people would think I was drunk and slurring.

‘I had to remember to take it out beforehand and if people were visiting it was awful as I hated taking it out in front of anyone so in the end I stopped people coming to see me.’

Brighton Implant Clinic

Dr Bruno Silva from Brighton Implant Clinic heard of Donna’s story and offered to help with his ‘Teeth in a Day’ procedure.

Dr Silva is well known for his humanitarian work and offers free dental work to veterans and people who have lost their teeth due to cancer treatments.

‘It’s my firm belief that implants should be affordable to those suffering with missing teeth or loose dentures,’ Dr Silva said.

‘Everyone should feel comfortable and happy with their smile.’

Teeth in a Day

Dr Silva explained the best way for Donna to regain her confidence was to repair all her teeth with the Teeth in a Day procedure.

Just a day later Donna was going back to her family in the Lake District with a new set of teeth.

‘At last I finally look like me again and I’ve never felt more confident,’ Donna said.

‘I really cannot thank Dr Bruno and all his staff enough for all they’ve done.

‘Everything was brilliant; they were all so helpful and kind, they looked after me every step of the way – even putting me up in a beautiful hotel.

‘It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and it’s given me another chance at living a life and keeping me smiling.’

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