Helping dental hygienists and therapists understand scientific papers

shutterstock_472299346As part of the programme designed specifically for dental hygienists and therapists, the biennial ADI Team Congress will discuss the topic of clinical research and studies and how to understand scientific papers.

Dental hygienists and therapists must use the latest clinical research and studies to help guide in their decision-making, as well as using their experience and expertise. They must be aware of the different types of reports available, how to read them and, most importantly, if and how to apply the information to the clinical setting. As dentistry seeks to improve the care and experience provided to patients, dental professionals need to ensure that they utilise the most relevant scientific findings.

Nik Pandya, a specialist in periodontics and an implant surgeon who also has a passion for teaching, will present Making sense of research – how to read and understand scientific papers.

He says: ‘Some branches of science (like physics) are more exact compared to medical science. This is because we are dealing with human beings and, as we know, all human beings are different. We are now firmly in the era of evidence-based practice, which means applying knowledge gained by scientific method to change practice. It is therefore crucial to be able to interpret the clinical research. I believe there is a lot of confusion out there, which is probably made worse by the fact that there is a chasm between the ivory towers and real day-to-day practice.

‘I hope that delegates attending my session will gain a little insight into what evidence-based dentistry is all about and how to decipher the information when they are presented with it.’

Other sessions will be presented by the likes of David Holmes and Julia Wilson, who will explore implant surfaces and peri-implantitis, from surface to suppuration and Implementing protocols for our implant patients, respectively.

Julia commented: ‘Having attended previous ADI Congresses, I can promise you the ADI Team Congress 2017 will be a pleasurable, memorable event and a wonderful opportunity for all members to enhance their skill sets and work better as a team, with time to relax and enjoy the fun-packed social programme.’

Packed programme

Celebrating the Association of Dental Implantology’s 30th anniversary, the ADI Team Congress 2017 will offer a packed programme with world-renowned speakers discussing subjects to suit the whole dental implant team including dentists, technicians, hygienists, therapists, nurses, practice managers, and students.

Taking place over 2-4 March at Excel London, the congress is entitled Dental implantology: a global perspective – inspiration from around the world, so that best practice can be shared from across the globe.

The ADI has also allowed time for delegates to relax and enjoy themselves, with the congress dinner held on Friday night at the National Maritime Museum. The ‘license to thrill’ theme sets the scene for an exciting and lively evening of entertainment, enabling all delegates to bond with team members and catch up with other acquaintances.

The ADI Team Congress 2017 offers a balance of high quality educational content, in a relaxed and open environment. The combination of lectures, trade stands and corporate forums will ensure the whole dental team will walk away from the event having learned something new.

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