Get voting for your Dentistry Top 50

Dentistry Top 50
It’s time to start voting for your Dentistry Top 50

It’s time to start voting again for the person you think has been the most influential in the profession with’s Dentistry Top 50.

It’s a new year, which means a new Dentistry Top 50, so get voting at

The voting poll has been opened for you to have your say on who you think is the most influential person in the world of dentistry and to make sure they get the recognition they deserve from their peers.

This is the 12th year we have run the Dentistry Top 50, which gives readers of Dentistry magazine and visitors to the chance to vote for the people in the dental profession they feel are most influential.

This year we are asking you to pick your top five dental professionals who have had the most influence on you and the profession over the past year.

You can vote for your boss, a valued team member, respected academics, prominent association leaders, important political figures, astute media analysts – it’s entirely up to you.

Once all the votes are in, we’ll count them up and then reveal in Dentistry and on the 50 people who received the most nominations.

NHS England chief dental officers (CDO) have topped the Dentistry Top 50 polls three out of the past four years. Barry Cockcroft, CDO at the time, came top in 2013 and 2015, while Sara Hurley became the first female to reach number one in our poll after she became CDO in 2016.

Sara hurley
Sara Hurley became the first woman to top the Dentistry Top 50 polls last year

Since then, Sara has continued to tour England, speaking at conferences and exhibitions and highlighting the importance of oral health to politicians. She has launched Smile4life, a scheme to help highlight some of the projects practices and dental teams are running across England to improve the oral health of their local communities. The office of CDO has also had a helping hand with the introduction of the sugar tax.

Will Sara retain the crown for another year? Or will somebody else step up and take over the mantle for 2017? Have your say at

The power’s in your hands

As in previous years, we have provided a list of suggested names you may wish to consider when deciding who gets your vote.

This is just to get your imagination going – as always, this poll is about voting for those who inspire you, whether they’re on the list or not.

17. Henrik Overgaard-Neilsen – chairman of the BDA General Dental Practice Committee
Henrik Overgaard-Neilsen has been heavily involved with the new NHS contracts

Over the last year there have been numerous events that have caught the dental industry’s attention: the General Dental Council ship seems to have been steadied with Ian Brack at the helm; the sugar tax looks like it will be introduced thanks to ongoing petitions from numerous quarters including Jamie Oliver; Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen has been very vocal about the prototype contracts and specifically the clawbacks experienced by practices following the contracts, and plenty of other dental news.

This poll is open to all readers of Dentistry and users of

You can vote by visiting

The deadline for all votes is Friday 31 March 2017.

No votes received after this date, either postal or online, will be counted.

Find out where everybody finished in last year’s poll here.

Lifetime Contribution Award

12. Crispian Scully – retired dean of the UCL Eastman Dental School
Crispian Scully, retired dean of the UCL Eastman Dental School, won the Lifetime Contribution Award in 2016

This is also the fourth time we have run the Lifetime Contribution Award, after Crispian Scully won the award in 2016.

Professor Crispian Scully CBE is a co-director of the Collaborating Centre for Oral Health-General Health.

He is also UCL emeritus professor; professor at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh King James IV; president of the British Society for Oral Medicine; member and examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Council; editor for Oral Diseases; and associate editor for the Journal of Investigative & Clinical Dentistry. Crispian has been dean both at the University of Bristol and at UCL.

The Lifetime Contribution Award allows you to give some recognition to the person you feel has made the most significant contribution to UK dentistry throughout their lifetime.

A list has been provided for you to choose from.

Have a look through the names and vote for the person you feel deserves the Lifetime Contribution Award.

Who will you pick? An inventor whose product you just can’t practise without? A pioneering practitioner or daring visionary who was ahead of their time? A groundbreaking figure that revolutionised working practices, conditions or regulations? Or even someone whose contribution to the profession or industry you feel has not been given enough credit over the years?

The name of the person who receives the most votes will be revealed in the same issue as our Top 50 list.

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