Survey reveals top reasons why Brits avoid the dentist

shutterstock_422132944A survey has revealed that 25% of Brits have attempted a home remedy rather than visiting the dentist with a problem.

The survey, designed to find out how many people dislike the dentist and why, also found that the region most likely to avoid the dentist’s chair is the North West of England (19.2% of the country). A close second is London (15.4%), while the Northern Irish have the least worries about a dental visit; they only make up 3.1% of the total.

Of the 2,000 surveyed, nearly a third (29%) admitted to skipping or cancelling a dental appointment. When it comes to avoiding the dentist, the main reason given is the expense: 41% think it’s just too pricey. In second place with 24% is people’s hatred of the sound of the drill. While 13% have a profound fear of needles, and 12% don’t appreciate being lectured. Finally, some people hate feeling trapped (6%), and then the smell of the surgery (4%).

However, a third would rather spend more on the cosmetic appearance of our teeth (whitening, straightening, veneers etc) than our health!

Despite this, the survey, conducted by Sapphire Braces, found that 24% of us would avoid braces specifically because they think they look bad.

Brits’ top dislikes about visiting the dentist:

  1. The expense: 41%
  2. Sound of the drill: 24%
  3. Fear of needles: 13%
  4. Feeling lectured: 12%
  5. Feeling trapped: 6%
  6. Smell of the surgery: 4%

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