Federation of European dental regulators backs UK position on tooth whitening

whiteningThe organisation that brings together all European dental regulators is backing the United Kingdom’s legal position on tooth whitening and endorsing its approach as the one to be used across Europe.

The Federation of European Dental Competent Authorities and Regulators (FEDCAR) published a statement last November that stated: ‘In the interests of high standards of oral healthcare, and irrespective of the chemical products used, tooth whitening should only be provided under the supervision of a dental practitioner’.

This statement goes some way to supporting the legal position in the UK, established in the High Court case of GDC v Jamous 2013, that tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry and therefore can only be performed by registered dental care professionals.

The General Dental Council (GDC) has successfully prosecuted a number of illegal tooth whiteners since the High Court decision.

The FEDCAR statement creates a European position on the issue, which it is hoped will improve patient safety across Europe.

Victoria Sheppard-Jones, interim head of illegal practice at the GDC said: ‘This is great news for the dental profession and patients.

‘It endorses the UK legal position that tooth whitening is a complicated and potentially risky procedure and as such can only be undertaken by a qualified dental professional.

‘As always, we encourage anybody who is considering tooth whitening to check the register to ensure that the individual is legally allowed to do so before proceeding.’

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