No VAT on Invisalign aligners

VATFREEAlign Technology has announced that it will not charge VAT on all its aligner products

Align Technology has been making improvements across all areas, and this year evolved its product and training programmes still further.  It has also taken measures to make its processes smoother and faster to streamline its customer experience.

As part of this, the company has been reviewing the VAT position on its aligners in the UK for some years with the intention of making them more accessible for both providers and patients. Their general manager for the UK and Ireland – Jamie Morley –  confirmed that the HMRC has given an assurance that if Align Technology meets its requirements, Invisalign aligners are exempt for VAT purposes.’ Therefore as it currently stands, Align Technology have announced that it will not charge VAT on all its aligner products.

Jamie said: ‘I believe the removal of VAT represents a significant step forward for us, which adds even greater value to our commercial proposition to Invisalign providers. The implication of this decision means that we are now in a position to help all the clinicians with whom we work to develop their financial, as well as practice, growth.’

Medical devices exempt

Complex discussions took place to make the case that, as Invisalign aligners are medical devices, they should be exempt of value added tax, which  required a good deal of effort by the company.

As well as honing its business practices, the company continues to make huge technological strides allowing it to increase the complexity of malocclusions the Invisalign system can treat and it is working on more advances for 2017.

As Jamie concluded ‘We have much to celebrate and much to look forward to.  I want to acknowledge the continued support of all our providers in the UK.  Thanks to their enthusiasm for the Invisalign system we would not have reached our four millionth case so quickly.  We believe we are now further aligned with your business and thanks to the removal of VAT, Invisalign will be even more attractive for you and your patients.’

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