Dentistry Fees Survey results – crowns

Dental FeesWe reveal the average fees charged by private practices across the UK for crowns in the Dentistry Fees Survey.

At the end of 2015,, in association with Practice Plan, surveyed the nation’s dental care professionals to gain insights into similarities and differences in dental procedure fees across the country.

Recently we shared with you the average national and regional rates charged for porcelain veneers per tooth. According to our survey responders, the average fee charged for a porcelain veneer in the UK is £458 per tooth. These findings are towards the conservative end of general estimates that suggest porcelain veneers in the UK can cost anywhere from £300 to £2,000 per tooth.

Crowns can now reveal the regional and national average fees charged by private practitioners for crowns – both all-ceramic and porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns.

Our survey results put the average fee charged per crown in private practice in the UK at £442.

On a regional basis according to our survey responders, the lowest fee charged was found in Northern Ireland, where practices charge an average of £334 per crown. This represents a considerable 24% below the average national rate of £442.

Conversely, practices in London and south east England charged the highest rate in the UK, at an average fee of £514 per crown, or 16% above the national rate, according to survey responders.

The region most closely aligned with the national average was north west England, where survey responders charge £440 per crown.

Ceramic versus metal

Private practitioners are tending to favour the use of all-ceramic crowns over PFM crowns in recent times, which could explain the increase in the average fees charged for crowns over the past few years.

Whilst PFM crowns were long considered the gold standard for many years due to their strength and mechanical properties, all-ceramic crowns offer a more aesthetically pleasing result.

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