Dental patients urged to go sugar-free this September

food choicePatients are being urged to ditch the sweet stuff for 30 days as part of Denplan’s latest campaign: Sugar-Free September.

Dental professionals and patients alike can find out more at the official website. The website offers information on hidden sugars, reveals the health risks of too much sugar consumption, provides tips on how to cut back on sugar and explains the importance of regular dentist visits and a better oral health regime.

A consumer poll run by Denplan and Yougov in early 2016 revealed that:

  • 28% of people were already taking steps to watch or reduce their sugar intake
  • 27% were happy with their current sugar intake and had no plans to change
  • 15% actively avoid eating sugar
  • 9% would like to reduce their sugar intake and plan to do so soon
  • 8% want to reduce their sugar intake but aren’t sure how.

Henry Clover, Denplan’s chief dental officer said: ‘There are many factors in tackling the problem of the UK’s sugar consumption, but if we can start encouraging people to be aware of their recommended daily sugar limits, to read and understand food and drink labels, to make healthy choices, and to limit how frequently they have sugar throughout the day, we can do a lot to reduce oral health and overall health problems.’

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