New edition of the JOI Glossary of Terms published

GlossThe American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and Allen Press have published the JOI Glossary of Terms, 2016 Edition – a specialised collection of words, phrases and definitions used in general dentistry, implantology and oral surgery.

Updated with more 1,500 terms, it’s the largest and most comprehensive edition of the glossary yet.

For the first time, the glossary will be freely available in a digital flipbook format which is enabled with HTML5 and easily accessible through a PC, tablet or smartphone device. The glossary features an intuitive user interface along with search functionality, bookmarking and a web-based mobile app.

Developed by Journal of Oral Implantology editor-in-chief Dr James Rutkowski and a team of JOI associate editors and contributors over the past two years, the Glossary of Terms, 2016 Edition is a publication of the Journal of Oral Implantology (JOI) which is co-published by the AAID and Allen Press.

‘The goal of the JOI Glossary of Terms has always been to educate. Whether you are a first-year dental student or have been practicing dental implantology for 20 years, the glossary is a wonderful professional resource tool,’ said Dr Rutkowski. ‘It is our hope that the expanded 2016 edition of the glossary reaches new audiences and continues to drive professional growth for both AAID and the dental community.’

Past editions of the JOI glossary were published in print and mainly distributed to AAID members, students and at AAID conferences and educational events. The new digital flipbook format was developed with the goal of enhancing the glossary’s audience as well as improving content dissemination and ease of use. The tools and features of the digital edition allow readers to more easily find the terms and definitions they need in an online, searchable format.

The glossary is a valuable resource for individuals looking to add implantology to their dental practice, students studying for standardised exams as well as veteran professionals within the community.

The JOI Glossary of Terms, 2016 Edition can be accessed here.

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