GDC to stop publishing addresses on its register

The GDC will stop publishing registrants addresses on its register

The General Dental Council (GDC) has decided to stop publishing registrants addresses on its online public register.

The decision was made after a public consultation found 74% of respondents wanted all address information removed from the register, while 26% were happy with a general location to remain.

‘It was a significant decision by the council to move away from publishing dental professionals’ full address details,’ Ian Brack, chief executive of the GDC, said.

‘The GDC has listened to views and has taken a proportionate decision.

‘The decision not to include information about a professional’s registered address brings us in line with other professional healthcare regulators, balancing our role in protecting the public with the need to treat dental professionals fairly, whilst protecting their personal information.

‘The registration number will become the primary identifier of registration status, so it’s particularly important for dentists and dental care professionals to start to display it appropriately.’

‘Welcome’ change

Addresses will be removed from the online register after the next council meeting held in October.

The decision has been welcomed by the British Dental Association (BDA), after encouraging its members to take part in the consultation, along with Victoria Holden, general dental practitioner, who campaigned for the change to be made and was acknowledged by the policy manager at the GDC.

‘The decision by the GDC council members to remove all the address information from the public online register is one that is very welcome,’ Victoria Holden said.

‘It means that dental registrants can in future use an address that is convenient to them, and one that protects their privacy and safety.

‘I would like to thank everyone who signed and shared the petition, as well as those who provided valuable responses to the consultation.

‘The high number of responses shows that this was an important issue for many and especially those who were unable to use a business address as their registered address.   

‘Looking at the wider picture I feel that the decision also gives the profession a clear sign that the GDC is willing to listen to our concerns, and shows that positive changes can be made with logical and reasoned debate with our regulator.

‘I for one feel more confident today that we are on the cusp of rebuilding a better relationship with our regulator.

‘This can only be a good thing that will lift the spirits and improve the morale of the profession.’

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