Reduce plaque regrowth for up to 12 hours

ColgateTotal_ExperimentFrameOne of the ways Colgate Total is distinguished from fluoride-only toothpastes is its impact on the extent of bacterial recolonisation of tooth surfaces following toothbrushing. The antibacterial effect of Colgate Total, with triclosan and copolymer technology, is both rapid and substantive, reducing plaque bacterial regrowth for up to 12 hours.

Tests to show rapid antibacterial action

in-vitro demonstration to show the rapid antibacterial action of Colgate Total was carried out on the Colgate stand at the recent British Dental Conference and Exhibition. This experiment compared Colgate Total with a regular fluoride toothpaste. Equal amounts of toothpaste were added to test tubes containing bacteria in similar concentrations found in saliva. A blue dye was added to both test tubes.

Live bacteria oxidise the blue dye, resulting in a colour change to pink, indicating the numbers of live bacteria. The test tube containing Colgate Total showed a slight colour change, indicating a large proportion of bacteria were killed, whereas the dye in the test tube containing fluoride only toothpaste turned pink, showing a larger population of live bacteria.

This colour change comparison demonstrates Colgate Total with its special, sustained release technology results in less viable bacteria in the mouth. This is supported by the recent Cochrane review, showing the clinical benefits of using a triclosan copolymer fluoride toothpaste in reducing plaque, gingival inflammation and gingival bleeding compared to using fluoride only toothpastes.

To see the live demonstration of the rapid antibacterial action of Colgate Total and to download the summaries of the Cochrane systematic review and Fine et al study please visit:



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