New concept in tissue level treatment

The On1 restorative concept is one of the latest in a long line of cutting-edge innovations brought to you by Nobel Biocare.

The pioneering solution has been designed specifically to optimise healing of the soft tissue after implant surgery and maximise long-term success.

Undisturbed soft tissue healing

The animation demonstrates the basic principles for fitting the On1 Base immediately after implant surgery, which is available in two height options to suit different clinical situations and tissue thicknesses.

Unlike with traditional tissue level implants, this makes it possible to optimise short- and long-term aesthetic outcomes.

You will see how simple it is to connect the On1 Healing Cap or On1 Temporary Abutment to the base at tissue level.

These also support the intraoral scanning approach, so you can work in whatever way you prefer.

Retain restorative flexibility

The On1 Base can then be left in place throughout the restorative process, both while impressions are taken and the restorative components are placed.

Providing ultimate flexibility, either cement- or screw-retained restorations can be selected to restore the implant at this stage.

The On1 Base can then remain in place for the lifetime of the final restoration, with no need to remove it at all.

This ensures that the biological seal is maintained and reduces disruption of the soft tissue for optimised healing.

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