Help patients at greater risk of periodontitis


healthy gumsAccording to the Delivering Better Oral Health toolkit, maintaining periodontal health and preventing periodontitis should be based on; detecting periodontitis early using the Basic Periodontitis Examination (BPE) and managing the factors that expose patients to a greater risk of the disease, for example smoking, diabetes and medications.

GSK, manufacturers of Corsodyl has launched a new distance learner for dental professionals on the topic of gum disease to help them do this. Join the free Corsodyl CPD opportunity which can contribute up to 1.5 hours towards verifiable CPD on the topic of gum disease.

Reality of periodontal health

The 2009 Adult Dental Health Survey found that only 17% of dentate adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland had very healthy periodontal tissue and no periodontal disease. This confirms a need for continued patient education regarding gum health.

The Corsodyl distance learner module provides training on periodontal disease, the BPE, and patient management to treat and prevent the condition. It is suitable for the whole dental team to use and is available 24 hours a day.

On top of this, there is no time limit to complete this module and completion of the module can contribute up to 1.5 hours towards verifiable CPD. Visit the website now to complete the module.

Visit for more information.

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