The Implant Hub is now one-year-old

TIH 1 year! (1)Launched on Wednesday 27 May 2015, The Implant Hub was designed to be an exciting online resource for dentists.

Working with key industry coaches, such as Chris Barrow (business coach), Mark Oborn (marketing coach) and Nav Ropra (inspirational coach), The Implant Hub has delivered advice, guidance and hints through blogs, articles and live Q&A sessions.

Inside a year, The Implant Hub has already started to develop, evolve and improve.

  • Initially designed solely for Biohorizons customers, now the site has been opened up to all interested dentists with the white papers and Q&A sessions with coaches still exclusive for Biohorizons customers
  • The introduction of two new coaches has opened up the advice we are able to offer to dentists with branding coach, Les Jones, creative director of Practice Plan, and financial coach, Johnny Minford of Minford Accountants
  • The introduction of white paper downloads and working documents that customers can use in their own practices
  • Changing the Q&A sessions so questions can be posted in advance so that should a dentist not be available at the time of the Q&A their questions are now catered for.

With more developments still to come, this is an exciting time here at The Implant Hub and we’re excited to see what the next few years bring!

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