Musculoskeletal issues most common problem for dentists

Musculoskeletal and psychiatric disorders are the biggest health problems in dentistry, according to a new survey from Dentists’ Provident

Dentists claim musculoskeletal and psychiatric disorders are the biggest health problems for the profession, according to Dentists’ Provident.

The latest statistics show that one in three claims paid to Dentists’ Provident members was for musculoskeletal issues, including general back pain, lumbar problems, sciatica, spondylitis and prolapsed intervertebral discs.

‘It’s no surprise musculoskeletal issues are very common for dentists,’ Bryan Gross, head of claims and underwriting at Dentists’ Provident, said.

‘What is surprising is that people assume that musculoskeletal problems are an age related issue, but in reality our experience shows that they can occur at any time.

‘We regularly hear accounts of rapid onset back pain – one day you’re happily caring for patients, the next day the pain hits and you’re barely able to move.

‘Many musculoskeletal conditions can also be prevented with the right support and guidance from healthcare professionals.’

Psychiatric disorders

Psychiatric disorders are the second most common health problem, making up 15% of all claims paid by Dentists’ Provident last year.

There were 1,286 claims overall by Dentists’ Provident members in 2015, totalling £4.2 million paid.

The average claim paid was £3,250, with the largest individual claim reaching £62,400.

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