Dentistry – fourth most successful business to startup

Dentistry has been found to be the fourth most successful business to startup since 2014

Dentistry is one of the most successful businesses to start in the UK, according to a recent survey.

After 2014 broke records with 581,173 new businesses starting up, Vonage looked into how many businesses were still running, creating a heatmap to show the results.

The survey also found the most successful industries for startup success, with dentistry coming in fourth on the list.

Most successful startup industries (UK-wide, 2014)

  1. Nursing homes (91.4% success)
  2. Road freight services (90.9% success)
  3. GP services (90.1% success)
  4. Dentistry (90.0% success)
  5. Engineering design activities (89.7% success).

Least successful startup industries (UK-wide, 2014)

  1. External building cleaning (77.9% survival)
  2. Film production (78.2% survival)
  3. Recruitment agency (78.3% survival)
  4. Sports activities (78.9% survival)
  5. Art and design (79.3% survival).

You can access the heatmap by visiting 

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