The burden of oral diseases in ageing populations

Smiling old peopleGSK will be sponsoring two presentations at the BDA Conference and Exhibition: firstly, on Thursday 26 May 14:30–15:30 entitled burden of oral diseases in ageing populations and links with general health which will be presented by Georgios Tsakos.

Secondly, on Friday 27 May, 11:45–12:45 entitled: how to manage and prevent patient tooth wear caused by dietary acids that will be presented by Rupert Austin. This year the GSK Consumer Healthcare team will be showcasing Sensodyne and Pronamel.

Try Sensodyne Repair & Protect and Pronamel toothpaste in GSK’s tasting station at the BDA Conference and Exhibition. GSK’s stand B03 will also feature an interactive lecture revealing the truth about patients with dentine hypersensitivity and erosive tooth wear.

New Sensodyne Repair & Protect – now with stronger repair+, offers sensitivity sufferers the benefit of both advanced Novamin technology with sodium fluoride in a single formulation.

The immediate availability of sodium fluoride when brushing allows for greater fluoride uptake into the hydroxyapatite-like layer formed by Novamin, over exposed dentine, according to data.

Pronamel toothpaste has an optimised fluoride formulation to help minerals penetrate deep into the tooth surface, actively strengthening and rehardening acid-weakened enamel.

According to GSK, research shows Pronamel toothpaste delivers more fluoride deeper into enamel than other fluoride toothpaste, helping to protect patients enamel from the effects of erosive tooth wear.

Visit GSK on stand B03 at the BDA Conference and Exhibition at Manchester Central from 26-28 May. References are available.

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