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shutterstock_215289085Peter Farrage explains how Step into Practice can help guarantee a seamless and hassle-free startup.

Dentist Peter Farrage and two fellow directors have spent the last year putting together an exciting new initiative that could be a potential game changer for the private practice sector.

‘We’re really excited about what Step into Practice can offer dentists,’ he says. ‘Essentially, we have taken everything we have learned from our decades of experience in building up successful practices and put it into a step-by-step system. It’s a complete “one stop shop” for setting up your own private practice from scratch, then maintaining and growing your practice.’

Step into Practice

The idea behind Step into Practice was conceived when the directors realised there were many disillusioned associates out there who were fed up of chasing UDAs on the corporate treadmill, but couldn’t or wouldn’t pay the sky high goodwill valuations for practice purchases. Additionally, there was little help, advice or support available for clinicians who wanted to set up on their own.

The result is a unique venture that provides a step-by-step mentored and monitored system to get dentists into their own practice quickly and easily, saving time and money through preferential rates from suppliers and partners.

Members are provided with everything needed to succeed in their own practice: a system to follow, what to do, when to do it and contacts that can help or do it for you. Everything from raising finance, sourcing premises, surgery design, equipment, materials, practice software, patient membership schemes, staffing, uniforms, IT, marketing, web design and strategy, system templates, insurance (including dental indemnity), accounting, banking, financial advice and investment help are all part of the deal.

‘We have worked hard to secure the best experts in every sector who will be working with our members to support them and help them grow their practice,’ explains Peter. ‘Normally, accessing this kind of expertise would cost a small fortune and just would not be possible for most startups.’

Hit the ground running

Members get access to a secure website for just £250 per month for a minimum 12 months, or £2,500 annually in advance. Here, the clinician can follow and record their journey through the step-by-step system that guarantees a seamless and hassle-free startup and growth easily within three to four months. This system gives them access to online templates, protocols, system manuals and check lists so they can hit the ground running and the Virtual Practice Manager even takes care of the reminders and renewals.

‘We believe that membership will realise at least 20% monetary savings in any practice, savings that allow members to take a greater salary or reinvest in the business, but the real savings are in time and energy setting up and maintaining the practice,’ said Peter.

But it’s not just the financial rewards that make setting up for yourself such an attractive prospect, he says.

‘As a private practitioner, you can set your own hours and your own level of earnings. The choice is yours,’ explains Peter.

‘It gives you the ability to control your patient flow and you decide who to treat and accept as a patient. You can focus on what you are trained to do – look after patients the way you want to, when you want to and how you want to.’

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